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V180 Complete Laser
Alignment System

I T E M   D E S C R I P T I O N

#V180 Laser Shaft Alignment Kit

(Mfr. part #V180)

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V180 Keypad

-- Technical Information

-- Description

Display Unit
 Housing Material:
  Custom LCD (77mm x 33 mm)
 Battery Type:
  (3) "C" Alkaline
 Display Accuracy:
  +/- 2%
  8 lb. (4 Kg)
 User-Specified Units:
  Mils or millimeters

Sensor Specification
 Housing Material:
 Laser Class 2
 Laser Wavelength:
  675 nm, visible red
 Detector area:
  10mm x 10mm
 Max. Separation:
  1 Meter
 Light Stabilization:
  No interference from
  ambient light


    35" Long Extension Chain

    Short Rod, 5" x 12mm (tapped)

    Long Rod, 12" x 12mm (tapped)

    Thin Magnetic Fixture

(Prices are as of January 2004)

The system is based on dial indicator methods, which have been used for years. The V180 system, however, eliminates the need for cumbersome bracket set-up of dial indicators, bracket sag considerations, and brings laser accuracy to every alignment job.

Since the V180 displays live machine values right on-screen, the user isn’t required to perform any complicated calculations, or go through repeated alignment procedures – “What you do is what you see,” right on the screen. Extend the life of your equipment by decreasing the wear and tear on it from misaligned shafts. You’ll also save money by keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency.

The V180 comes with all the hardware and tools you need to begin doing alignments as soon as you open the carrying case. Anodized aluminum chain brackets fit standard shaft diameters from 1/8” to 7-1/2”. The chains can be extended to accommodate virtually any shaft diameter (see V180 Accessories below).

The transmitter-detector units are mounted on rods extending from each of the brackets. The transmitter-detector units are clearly labeled (one for the stationary machine and the other for the movable machine). The cables and the display unit are also clearly marked, simplifying the set up.

Once the transmitter-detector units are mounted, they plug directly into the display box. The easy-to-use, ergonomically designed display unit fits right in your hand. Its intuitive design means you can step through an alignment as soon as you pick it up. Increase your productivity and efficiency with a V180 Laser Alignment System today!

-- #V180 Kit Accessories
--  Extends the functionality of the standard kit
  • Standard Shaft Diameters:  1/8" - 7.5"
    - Increase to a maximum of 20" with VCH-35 accessory
    View [price] at left
  • Standard Height Above Coupling/Shaft:  8.5"
    - Decrease to 5" with VRF-5 short rod accessory View [price] at left

    - Increase to 12" with VRF-12 long rod accessory
    View [price] at left

    - Connect both sizes in any combination for unlimited height.
  • Standard Width of Mounting Brackets:  7/8"
    - Decrease to 1/2" with optional Thin Magnetic Fixtures
    View [price] at left