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#AMTI-84P Alignment Manager Calculator

(Mfr. part #AMTI-84P)

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Get the Alignment Manager™ Calculator at this affordable price. Bring your rotating machinery and your budget into alignment today!

Special! Order either of our dial-based alignment kits (#20RA or #30RA) and receive the Alignment Manager™ Calculator for the #TI-84P FREE! Call
(815) 263-4024 for details.


Current, up-to-date software!


Simple and Concise Answers

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-- Technical Information

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  8 lines
  16 characters per line
  LCD (new, easy to read, high-contrast display)

  Main - 4 x AAA batteries, included
  Backup - 1 CR1616 lithium battery, included (installed)

480 KB FLASH ROM for data archive and storage of Apps.
  24K user-available RAM.

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The Alignment Manager program comes ready to run as soon as you turn the calculator on and enter its run command.

Backup CD included in case of accidental deletion or corruption of code. Requires TIConnectCE software, included on CD or available through

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The Alignment Manager™ is the best hand-held alignment calculator you can buy today. It combines a compact size and the ease-of-use you need with high-quality alignment software you demand in a package that can't be beat.

It fits easily into your briefcase, toolbox or even your shirt pocket, so you can take it with you on any alignment job. Best of all, it works flawlessly with either of our alignment kits, so you'll finish the job in record time.

The Alignment Manager comes with two distinct software programs:  the RIMFACE program, for use with either of the two alignment kits we offer utilizing the Rim-and-Face method of shaft alignment, and the REVDIAL program, which utilizes the REVERSE-INDICATOR method. This program must be used with existing REVERSE-INDICATOR equipment. Both programs have been newly revised and updated for maximum ease-of-use and functionality.

Entering data is a snap, either as you proceed through the alignment process, or after writing down your numbers and inputting them at a later time. Complete instructions and procedures are included. It's easy!

-- Alignment Manager™ 4.2A Key Features
The Alignment Manager© comes ready to use out of the box with these features:
  • Allows you to perform a new alignment or view the previous alignment's results.
  • Enter data for moving the driver (motor, most common) or driven (pump, etc.) unit.
  • Optionally enter sag measurements for automatic answer adjustments.
  • Plot centerline of misaligned shaft (left or right of coupling) in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Automatically calculates parallel and angular offsets in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • New Write-Protect feature: programs are write-protected on the calculator. No more re-installing the program due to code corruption!
  • Easy to handle - fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries (included).
  • Streamlined functionality for the ultimate in ease-of-use.

-- Additional Information

A backup of the program is provided on an included CD. Restoring the program requires TIConnectCE software available on the backup CD, or free on-line through Texas Instruments (

Soon, the ALIGNMENT MANAGER CALCULATOR will be included with every purchase of either of our #20RA or #30RA SHAFT ALIGNMENT KIT -- that's a $225.00 value included FREE! Our ALIGNMENT MANAGER SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS is now being fazed out of our product line for release at a later time.

Additionally, FastMath worksheets are available for use with our alignment hardware. either software product (calculator or PC). For obtaining copies for download, please visit our "DOWNLOADS - Free!" page. There you'll also find product details and downloadable instruction manuals in Adobe PDF format for both software versions. All mathematical equations are supplied, and all that is necessary is a pen or pencil and a standard numeric calculator for copying your readings down and then multiplying the equations out.

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