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Model #30RA

Complete Shaft
Alignment Kit

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#30RA Shaft Alignment Kit
(Mfr. part #30RA)

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-- Technical Information

-- Description

Alignment Frames
 Thickness:  0.750"
 Weight:  10.0 oz.
 Shaft to top of frame: 5.9"
 Shaft-to-Mounting Tubes --
   > Bottom:  2.1"
   > Middle:  3.5"
   > Top (Outer):  4.9"

Dial Indicator Specifications
 Dial Face:  0-50-0
 Range, 1 Rev.:  0.100"
 Range, Total:  0.250"
 Case Dimensions:  1-11/16"

0.495 OD x 18 gauge (.049 wall), #304 Stainless Steel.

Peer Roller Chain #40-1, 18" attached. Total length is 18 inches for each frame. This allows for a 5.75" diameter shaft to be aligned without adding any extra chain.

Our #30RA alignment system was designed to handle larger equipment - shaft sizes up to 7" in diameter are no problem - but versatility demanded that it also handle smaller shaft sizes like the #20RA. What you get is an alignment system that can handle virtually any alignment job you can throw at it.

Works great with the #AMTI-84P Alignment Calculator. Included FREE with each Alignment Kit purchase!

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-- #30RA Kit Contents
  • Two (2) alignment frames, each with three (3) - 1/2 inch diameter mounting holes for tubing.
  • 18" of #40 roller chain attached to each frame. Can increase mountable shaft size by adding #40 chain.
  • 2 dial indicator assemblies with swivel joints and  mounting rods.
  • 1/2" diameter tubing:  (2) x 5", (1) x 7", (1) x 9", (1) x 12" and (2) x 15" lengths.
  • #555 Inspection mirror by General.
  • Allen key, 3/16".
  • Instruction manual.
  • FastMath(tm) worksheets.
  • Durable carrying case with handle.
-- #30RA Specifications
Minimum Swing Radius Shaft Accommodation Frame Width Radial Clearances
5.75" 0.75" to 5.75"
(Increasable with additional chain)
0.750" 2.1", 3.5" and 4.9"

Table Definitions:
Minimum Swing Radius --
The minimum distance from the mounted surface to the base plate of the equipment. Allows for full rotation of the shaft and coupling assembly with the alignment tool in place.
Shaft Accommodations --
The diameter of shaft, from smallest to largest, that this kit can be used on. The diameter of the shaft that can be aligned can be increased by adding #40 chain (not included).
Frame Width --
The thickness of the alignment frame.
Radial Clearance --
The maximum distance(s) from the mounted surface to the underside of the 1/2" diameter tubing used to span the coupling.

-- #30RA Key Benefits
  • Spans larger couplings than #20RA.
  • Works on a wide range of equipment.
  • Easy to setup, use and maintain.
  • Complete instructions.
  • Comes with our Alignment Manager software pre-loaded on the TI-84P graphing calculator.
  • Lifetime product warranty!

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